Now this is a serious watch....

Now this is a serious watch…

This $1.28 million watch is made of transparent sapphire

lol - that’s what I was thinking. Imagine how you’d feel after that !!

you mean if you could you would have bought this watch? i mean at that price i want him to MAKE coffee!

Coffee?!? At that price it MUST give you all the coffee shop with 3 waiters

lol - I would never dream of spending anything like this amount of money on a watch or any other wearable possession. I can’t imagine being in a position to do so but if I was I would definitely invest 1.2 million a little more wisely :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 that is the talk of a smart person:) but do you know how many stupid people are there??? and it is’nt even a smartwatch!!! it so looks like the i2 and i’ll prefer it over this watch.