Notifications sounds

Hi everyone!! I’m so excited enjoying my second LEMP from LEMFO since last Friday, it really works like I expected, even I noticed the display’s touch it’s more sensitive than my first LEMP and it’s really good because I don’t have to be fighting or struggling for typing on it like a neanderthal.

Anyway, I noticed some notification’s sound sounds randomly. For example, I do mention to YouTube. Some notifications sounds fine, and maybe a minutes later when the next video’s notification arrives, it only vibrates but no sounds happen at all.
First time I see such behavior.
On Google’s notifications, none of them sounds even.
But WhatsApp messages, SMS’s messages, battery charging sound, keyboards sounds… All of these sounds and vibrate without any problem.
Have you ever seen something like that before??

I did a full battery charge at the second I received the watch last Friday before turning on by first time, but I forgot to do a full factory’s reset after turning on by first time. Could it fix the problem? Or it’s anything else??

Hi!! Any idea?

As has been mentioned many thousands of times here on the forums, it is IMPERATIVE to perform a factory reset before reporting errors. That’s probably why you didn’t get an immediate response…


Thanks Gin. I’ll do that then. Hope that fix this minor issue.

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