Notifications for wifi or 3g?

Hello, I have a doubt, is there an application that installed on the mobile and on the clock the notifications that reach the clock are sent to the mobile but by data or wifi? I do not want it to be by bluetooth but by data, some application similar to m2d receiver and sender, this application stopped working.

Tablet messager is what you are looking for… :wink: You’ll find it at the playstore.

Thanks for answering but tablet messenger what it does is open for example whatsapp on the web, what I am looking for is that the notifications that reach the mobile are sent by wifi or 3g to the clock

It works for every messager. So you will get every message on your watch, too. What are you missing?

What I am looking for is that it sends the notifications that reach the mobile to the clock, but what that application does is open sessions of the applications on the clock, I prefer that it be the phone that sends the notifications that reach the clock, that is what towards the m2d receiver and sender application but it stopped working

I’m not sure that it’s you want, I use “join by joaoapps”. This app use Internet connection (wifi, mobile data), not bluetooth connection. And I can reply the message of phone’s notifications (not watch’s notifications) like a watchdroid.

But I can’t use this app in my A7 watch, I can only use in A10 watch. Because A7 watch lose Google Cloud Message connection at every 2-3hours. (“Join” use Google Cloud Message).

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thank you this was what I was looking for

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