Notification Problems

I am having notification problems with my Prime 4g. I intended to only use it with a sim but I only get text notifications. I don’t get Gmail or other notifications even though these open with no problem if I tap on the icon and they aren’t blocked in any way. I decided to try WiiWatch2, still with the sim in the watch. I connected with my phone but when I try to set up app notifications in the WW2 app, the apps shown were only generic social media apps. None of the apps on my phone were shown in the list. I am frustrated that I can’t get notifications either way. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Make sure that the apps you want to receive notifications from (for example, Gmail) are excluded from battery saving.
Go to watchsettings- more- backround cleaner. Tap on Battery saver. Disable the needed apps.
In this way, the watch can be used as a standalone.
If you also want to receive messages from your smartphone, I recommend deleting wiiwatch and using watchdroid instead.

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Thank you! Changing the battery saver setting seemed to do the trick. I had tried watchdroid but my phone and watch wouldn’t stay connected. I also couldn’t find all my apps in the notification section of that app either. Can the watch be tethered and have an active sim at the same time?

Yes, that’s possible.