Normal size full android watch!

Hello, I have been using the huge Kospet Optimus 2 watch for ages!,

I never thought that it is actually huge until I accidently saw it when looking in mirror,
it is almost a big surpirse and embarrassing for me to see myself wearing such a huge watch,

so , I decided to get a smaller normal size android watch and I bought a cheap " Watch Ultra", android watch, which looks the same as apple watch,

But Sadly only after it got delivered to me, did I find that this so called Android watch has No " Hey Google" feature, which means that, I can only trigger Google Assistant ( in fact, it is Google Assistant Go, ) by tapping the Google assistant Go app on watch screen, :frowning:
this means that my Favourite feature:" Hey google" is Not available on this cheap android watch,

so now, I am still eager to know, is there any other FULL ANDROID watch that has a normal size?

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Does this mean that, " Hey Google" is Only available on Full android watch or devices?

Is it still possible to enable Hey Google with this " Google Go" andorid watch?

Lemfo lem 16 can have this feature and screen size is 1.6"…

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I usually activate Google assistant pushing the back button a few seconds. Wonder if that works for you

Thanks for your reply,

Yes, I will do some research on this watch you mentored

, any other brand or any other watch that is powered by full Android has normal size ?

I want only the most convenient way to activate the google assistant, which is , of course, by speaking there washer word

Usually these cheap phones are running A8.1
Are you saying that if you allow the app to run in the background it wont work ?

Cannot see why it wont

Although i havent updated for A8.1 this will give you a idea

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