Norge Radium Sabotor

This may have been one of the first glow-in-the-dark watches. Early in the 20th century, women worked at the U.S. Radium Factory, painting glow in the dark watches, unaware of the dangers of working with radium. Watch their story on Netflix/“Radium Girls”…




I heartly second doubledad’s recommendation on watching the documentary about the women who painted the lume on watch faces! :+1: :+1: I haven’t seen the netflix one but there is a good one on Utube. Fascinating (And horrifying :woozy_face:) to watch these women lick their brushes to better apply the paint…not realizing that there were slowly killing themselves by doing so! This is a great face to remind people of the unknown dangers these women faced when making it! Cheers, Doons

Here is the llink to the Utube mini documentry…
The Radium Girls

Credit: Utube “The History Guy” channel