NoName square XCY

Hi. I created a clock face with the screen dimming at 6pm and returning to normal at 6am.
It will also work with stock launcher but without this feature because it contains GIF.
Preview: Ticris_500x500
Link: No name - Google Drive


Very nice! We need more square faces! Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Terrific, a rectangular Watchface for my Ticwris Max S, and even an inventive one :ok_hand:

Thank you :relaxed:

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@Dotsfar @G1NT0N1C Thank you.

Awesome :+1: Thankyou

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I like the 6pm dimming feature :wink:

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Thank you.

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Wow. Love it. Makes me want to get a rectangle watch.

Wonder what the best one would be

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Thanks for appreciation. Regarding a rectangular watch, you may ask one of the moderators, I personally do not have one.