No USB connectivity

Pls help. I rely on the USB to upload/download photos or files between the cellphone and my PC. Now, how can I exchange photos and files between the LEM T and my PC (my PC has no bluetooth) ?

When you connect the lem t to your PC with the usb, you should see a notification on your watch asking if you want to use it for transferring files or for charging
Or you could go to developer options and set default usb configuration


There is no USB connectivity from LEM T. Any alternative solution to exchange files with PC without bluetooth?

The post above is correct . Your charging dock is your usb connection . Follow the above advice

Thks for your clarification. I was deceived by
. They say: …However, the LEMFO LEM T watch misses the NFC and USB connectivity.
USB connectivity is so important and should not be missed.

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Interesting. I read the entire article twice and under connectivity it says, “Well, users will have some modern ways to connect their wristwatch to an external device. For the purpose, the LEMFO LEM T installs Bluetooth V4.0, WIFI 802.11 b/g/n, and GPS to create healthy connection with the world.”
It does not mention USB connectivity but it does not say it is missing. You are possibly reading that into what is stated because they don’t mention it. I find it useful when getting a new watch to view the videos on the Utube channel by “Smartwatch Ticks” as they cover 99% of the watches features. Mr Ticks usually reviews all these watches.
Also when you connect your watch to the PC and the USB/Transfer window does not pop up you can go to Settings/Connect and find it under the USB option.


Under their topic: LEMFO LEM T Smartwatch Review: Connectivity
The last sentence, it says: However, the LEMFO LEM T watch misses the NFC and USB connectivity.
After this sentence, then their next topic is Operating System and Processor

You are correct I did not see the continuation under the picture. However it is not correct as stated in Andy’s post it does have a USB connection. I personally have owned about eight different watches, five of them Lemfo watches and each would connect to my laptop via USB using the cable.

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There is no USB PORT, but the dock does function as a USB connection to your computer. Just do as meghgowami835 said. If you still can’t figure it out, you could always use Google Photos to sync the photos on your watch to your Google account and then visit them at And use Google Drive to upload files to your Google Drive Not sure how you would exactly upload them to Google Drive though since I use an iPhone. However, the photos should definitely work.