No USB connection

Upon docking, my Prime watch shows USB connected however, Windows says "The last USB device you connected malfunctioned and is not recognized. I have searched solutions on the forum without success…

Any thoughts would be welcomed, thanks in advance

Windows 10?

yep, windows 10

I’ve had the same prob with my prime but not in a while.

Unplug usb, reboot pc, plug usb back in.

That might help, my usb cable was lose in the port.

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Weird… I have two Prime watches, one connects every time, the other (problem watch) connects, but “malfunctions” and is not recognized.

Was it the one you fixed?

Yes, the one I “fixed” (or maybe not)…

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You can try usbdeview to pull out old drivers and add it as a new device…

It may also be the internal contacts are not quite right since you replaced the rear cover.
Might be worth checking that the contacts are lining up inside.

Does it still charge?

Many thanks, Pablo. Since I have no experience with usbdeview, I’ll have to study-up and see what it might do. Certainly the contacts could be misaligned, but I hasten to mess around with them again given my inability to actually see how they my be connecting. And, yes, it charges…

Ok, if it is charging it might be worth checking the cable pins where they connect to the watch.
They often get stuck…
They have little springs inside them… Called pogo pins.

As always, make sure that all contacts are clean

Again, thanks for the ideas… The pogo under one of the pins is weak therefore the pin is not fully erect (I wonder what @Doonsbury would say about that) and may be the problem however, It doesn’t seem to hinder a different Prime from being recognized by windows.

Hmm, then I guess it is worth checking out the connection under the rear cover.

Also make sure that all the cables are fully attached.
I mean the ribbon cables with the small silver flat pad on top…
Like these


Checked and double checked… Seem well attached and after doing so, when the watch indicates a USB connection, I no longer get the Windows message that the device is not recognized! HOWEVER, explore does not bring-up the watch files???

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Without no USB, is there any way to load files to the watch (e.g., music)?

In settings under connections, is there a USB option showing when you are connected to the pc?

No and while attempting to secure the connections in the watch itself, I can no longer charge the watch. Obviously, attempting to repair such a delicate instrument is a huge challenge after

It sounds like you have found the problem.
Is this an original Prime or Prime 2?

Currently, I can charge the watch, although it doesn’t show USB connected. Understandably, Windows doesn’t recognize he USB device (watch).

Am now attempting to load music to the watch via Dropbox, but there doesn’t seem to a way to do so…

have you checked if adb works?


First I’ve heard of adb and just googled it… Looking now to YouTube to see how it installs/works.
Many thanks for the tip!!