No Smartwatch id right for me , any ideas on whats coming


For years i have owned a Smartwatch from the first Fossil with the LCD display through various Sony’s (liveview etc) and now im using either a Fossil Explorist or a Ticwatch Pro depending on which i want to wear.

But i love a big screen and the Fossils screen is OK (1,6") but the battery life is awful, the Ticwatch is better battery but a smaller screen

So i was looking at the Full Android Watches and just cant find one that’s any better

I toyed with the Idea of the LEM T but in honesty thats way too big
The LEM Pro 4 looks a perfect size but the 1GB ram and the Older 5.1 OS seems to let it down
The LEM X has a nice 2" screen but why that Flat Tire its Awful

and the rest are nothing special

So really i suppose i want the LEM Pro 4 size but with the LEM T Features (or at least close to it)

Is there any watch i have missed that anyone could recommend or are Lemfo planning on releasing something like the LEM 4 Pro but bringing it up to date


There are new watches coming out all the time but we cannot share this info until the manufacturers are ready . Currently the prime is a great watch with the best battery available . But based on your post i would wait a while .

Thanks for the prompt reply

I actually prefer the style of the LEM 4 Pro to the round watches but lets hope for some good news soon :slight_smile:

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