No recognize any sim card

My Kospet Hope do not recognize any sim card now. What can I do?

Have you tried restarting you watch after inserting the sim ? That normally works .

If not factory reset and start again . The sim card and sim connectors may need cleaning with a small amount of alcohol.

Has it ever worked with a sim ?


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Thanks Andy
I will try with factory reset
My KH worked perfect this two years with sim, but now batery with sim worked just until half day. Without sim and wifi connected works all day along

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Sorry reset all and my KH continue ignoring the sim card :frowning:

Did you try cleaning the connectors in sim tray ? Do you think moisture - sweat has got in ?

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Yes, its klean Thanks for your support

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thats a shame . I had this the other day after a run and after a clean and drying out all is not good .