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Credit to original design by NIXON

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missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

Nice. Thnx, dude

@Fabio , thanks bro, I have difficulty to create steps array, I don’t know why maybe some bugs with clockskinmaker or clock skin engine on the watch. when I create steps array. the clock hands is disappear. any of you have the same experience?

unbelievable… Nice work man :slight_smile:

This is zip file how do I use it on my KW88 ?? Plz help

@Julian_H_Jharrvis no…sorry…
Ask to @Kenneth_Tan ​ because is making a very good work
If you create an apk all smartwatch like mine can use your creations
Ask to him how to do it

Kalau ada jarum detiknya mungkin ini clockskin terkeren yang pernah aku lihat.

@beby_sarz ​ aslinya emang ngga ada bro

+Julian H (Jharrvis), I think it’s problems the clock Skin Engine from watch. I have one problem like your with one watch face I trying make a time ago. And never find the problem. Well, but I like the watch face you make. Thanks.

Guys, I know how to install watchface in .apk but no idea how to install those packed in .zip.

Tried to create folder “ClockSkin” on my KW88 and upload files in the folder but it’s not working.

I don’t mind sending a donation, but I donloaded the zip file then extracted the files, but there isn’t a file to turn this all into a watch face. Help!

@Pawel ​ this is for Android 4.4 watch

@Jon_Thomas ​ what type is your watch?

@Fabio you must be happy with the amount of missions out there now! hahaha everyone has got on it!

My zeblaze blitz is Happy!!!

Could you please tell me how to install it in a zeblaze blitz?Thank you.

@Fabio I have a Zeblaze blitz too and how did you make it works?

you have to wait that @Kenneth_Tan make an APK with his framework…the only works on our zeblaze blitz
Than using tasker you must set
profile: Display ON
activity:launch the watchface app