Nice to see we just rolled over the 17,000 members mark :) 17,045 to

Nice to see we just rolled over the 17,000 members mark :slight_smile:
17,045 to be precise :slight_smile:

Nice congratulations

No wonder why, when there are such nice developers and a ton of watch faces to choose from, not to mention the support.

@Cristea-Antoniu_Crac thanks mate. It’s nice to get some positive feedback :slight_smile:
I’ll take this opportunity to remind all our people that the other site for all watch tech support is here:
(it has 12,658 members)

Good work :+1::+1:
(may be if all members try to create one watchface there will be enough for a few years :grin:)

@Karel_en_Marrit_Kruy ​​​ ha ha, you know what?
There are literally hundreds of faces here that you can not see. At the beginning of 2017 Google introduced the “post count limit on active session” to Google Plus :frowning:
Basically this means that you can see the last few months by scrolling down (maybe 4 months depending on the post count)
So, we have been here for 2 years now. You can imagine how many are hidden from view… right?
The best thing is to use the search box here in our community or an advanced search from Google using specific search strings…
Check it out and google solutions for viewing the hidden (archived) posts in G+ communities.
You will be amazed at how many there are :grinning:

Wow cool
Congrats. I’m a member and don’t even have a smartwatch (yet). :rofl:

@Saulo_Cesar Welcome :slight_smile:

I’m from South London mate
Just don’t live there anymore.

@tim_Collins Ha ha - yeah I noticed you were from some northern place - you would need a passport to go into London from there :slight_smile:

@tim_Collins lol :slight_smile: