Nice material from our HEXXA friends,

Nice material from our HEXXA friends, These guys are still using the 6572 soc and are actively trying to update the platform. So - where all others have dropped support, these guys are still working on it.
Not only that but they have a very cool pay-wave function built in to the package - use google translate:

I like the design very much. Sparse, smooth running from end to end with the right amount of sharp chamfered edges on the watchface.
Love the white icons on the band. Makes it look futuristic in a good way.

It is an excellent watch and is a very professional package compared to others. Support is extremely good from these guys as well. Just remember - they are a European company.

Is this watch build in Europe or imported from China?

Thanks for sharing @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

@Kenneth_Tan The watch is built in China - but is made to specific Hexxa design and standards. The guys even travel out to the factory and have meetings to check standards and design requirements are met. For example the charger from the regular D5/X1 does not fit this watch even though the watches look the same - they are not. The case is built to a very high standard and the strap is unique to them as well. It has many purpose built (and fully functional) sports apps installed but does share the same launcher/UI as the others. This may change …
It has the same chip-set, firmware and main board specifications as the other watches but that’s where it stops.
Customer satisfaction is very high on their agenda and so we have the utmost respect for them and their product.
We are proud to have them as part of our community.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Proving that you go the extra mile for the customer makes the difference in this market. With a steady stream of new watches, the customer needs a firm support from a company that stands for it’s product. I’m looking forward to seeing the UI and functionality.
I do wish they had used English as the default language on their website.

That’s what Google translate does for you :slight_smile:

Do you mean I have to use google translate to view a commercial website?
That’s wrong on so many levels.