Nice Kenneth!!!!, awaiting ur next project

Nice Kenneth!!!, awaiting ur next project

Lifting just a tip of the iceberg. Two projects are coming, one of them is finished, but awaiting permission. There is some discussion over how to handle “homage” WF’s of big brands.
It is gorgeous, from a top WF designer (with permission) featuring zoom and day/night modes.
The other one I can name. It’s the V22 Osprey. I now have full permission of all the designers. It needs some work because the graphics design has been updated and I need to update the scripts.

I’ve just got permission to post it. So tonight the Rolex Deepsea Dweller from Ken van Vliet APK version is going to be posted.
I’m in the middle of a photoshoot atm.

Glad to hear it worked out ok :+1:

Couldn’t wait so went online and checked how does it look