Newbie Struggling to carry out Firmware Update

Hi, was wondering if any of you seasoned types could possibly help me upgrade my newly acquired Ticwris Max S.
Installed MTK_USB_ALL_v1.1032.0. Installed SP Flash Tool. Downloaded and located scatter file for TICWRIS_MAX_S_V1.9_20201221_P.
Selected Firmware update and clicked download. Powered off watch and connected to charger plate.
Get a connection, then disconnects, watch lights up and connected then disconnects.
Nothing happening with SP Flash tool. Any advice on where to go from here.
If watch powered up, the device connects to my PC but unable to access any files within.
Any advice hugely appreciated, Jim

Does the PC recognise the watch when normally plugged with the cable ? If not it seems that your data connection is not working. You can check the data pins of the dock, maybe try pressing the watch on the dock to get a stable connection.


Hi Yes. If watch is powered up, the device connects to my PC.
Shows up in the windows explorer as MTP USB Device if debugging selected and if not I’m able to now access files within (Found the option to allow access before was just charging)
Can I ask if the watch needs to be on or off when running SP Flash tool and is the execution done automatically or do i need to initiate something. Saw a video online that said I need to use Fn and turn the volume up or down.

Hi . Read this

Make sure watch is " off " and flash will start automatically


Hi Thanks for all your support. All working now, hadn’t installed the SP drivers