Newbie Question: Full Android VS WearOS

Hi All,

I am new on this forum so please be gentle if i do something wrong.

I have been wearing a TicWatch Pro 4G, which has WearOS, for over a year now. I have chosen a WearOS watch because of the easy integration of Google Assistant. I bought this Watch because i wanted to make phone calls and have NFC available. Unfortunate both options are not working in the Netherlands, so i am somewhat disappointed.

After doing some research i found out that if i want to have all the options that my Mobile Phone has (all what i want is possible with my Samsung phone) , I should go for a Full Android device.
I have been searching for a replacement but I did not find any Full Android watched that have the following Specs (wishes):

  • 4G / LTE for internet connection (Apps), SMS and making phone calls (sim or e-sim).
  • WiFi (of course).
  • NFC-chip for payments.
  • Bluetooth for connecting wireless headphones.
  • Google Assistant support (My home is GA automated)
  • IP-rating a high as possible (at least IP54)

I might be forgetting something but in Short: I really could use some advice on any Watch options.
Any information is appreciated.

Kind Regards,

There is currently no fullandroid watch with nfc. But this could change soon. However, most watches are only IP67. A few are IP68.

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Thanks for your reply.
Do you have any idea when watches will have NFC ? Months, Years ?
If i forget about NFC, can i have all the functions and Apps my phone has ?
Ore are there other limitations ?