New watched face based on using assets and design.

New watched face based on using assets and design.
I know it’s not quite the same, but still looks pretty damn good.
Yes I know this version won’t work with the newer watches, I’ll upload a fixed version along with the dark theme once I’m finished making that.

This was made using assets from @Frank_Dufaux (Opulence Watch Face) I’m sorry if any confusion has occured. I did not make these assets, only arranged them accordingly.


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The black night version looks really cool too. Would you make a version of this one too?

I can do my best to recreate those colors. But I cannot find the assets for the dark version. They must be coded into the watch face rather than images.

This was the best I can do for now. Let me know what you think and if any tweaks are in order before I upload.

and this one.
I think I like the second one better

Thanks for having a go at this!!

I think the first one will look better against the amoled screen on the x5. The more black the better!

Nice work again - thanks.

To be honest, I’m gonna have to go with the second one. I do appreciate your opinion a lot, but it seems to fit the original design better. I’ll leave the first design in the folder though so you can change it at leisure.