New version of Watchface Designer is available.

New version of Watchface Designer is available.

What’s new on version 0.12.0:

  • Lot’s of bugfixes
  • New patterns
  • New properties on old patterns
  • Tooltip behaviour changed. Now they are shown in a box, without overlapping anything
  • New Emboss effect method: Experimental. As the name indicates this is an experimental method that tries to distinguish between inside holes and outside empty space. This can be slow on layers with many holes.
  • New Layer List operations: Expand All, Collapse All, AutoGroup Layers
  • New “Recent Files” listing on File menu
  • Export to Watchmaker now supports Galaxy Gear S3 watches (these watches didn’t support some characters on the original export)
  • AnimatedImageLayer now supports both GIF files or a List of Images. This also allows to import a ClockSkin with animated images (was breaking before)
  • Changed the Preview window to a Preview Panel (now you can select a view on the bottom tabs)
  • New Exploded View tab
  • Probably a lot of other things that I was slowly adding and forgetting to take a note :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried to fulfill all the requests. However, some requests I couldn’t (yet) fulfill, such as outter/pillow emboss. I couldn’t figure out yet how Photoshop creates the bump map for these cases, so If someone as some knowledge/algorithm, I’m happy to hear about it. Also, the “squared bezel” wasn’t also implemented, because I need time to implement the concept of “components”, that will allow creating, sharing and adding third-party “components” to WFD. One such component can be the squared bezel. Also, it’s already possible to do it with a few RectangularLayers and linear gradients. Even though I tried not to, I may have forgotten some requests. If that was the case for a request of yours, I’m sorry and please request it again so I can take notice :slight_smile:

As always, with new features, come new bugs (and sometimes old ones too). Please point them out if you find them.

And now, the download link is: (also available on the forum).

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Lot of good news today !
Your app is already great, what will it be when you’ll reach version 1.0 ? :grin:

@RASC_Moderators Yeah… I’m wondering that too :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira I have a request: Please, only if you want of course, could you add an option so we can implement digital arrays with images instead of only generating them as text.

@Jorge_Gonzalez That’s already there. There’s a checkbox before the text. If you uncheck it it allows you to select an image.

@Marco_Ferreira Oh then thanks!!!

@Marco_Ferreira does your app support tasker by any chance? I don’t have an Android watch, I’ve got WearOS but I’ve made a football and crypto app for watchmaker and I’m hoping to find something similar for Android watches.
The reason I asked about tasker is, the app was made using tasker and watchmaker accepts tasker variables.

@Phil_Bilton Sorry, it doesn’t. Right now, the focus is on the capabilities of the ClockSkin format, both for the stock launchers and for Eric’s Universal Launcher. So, even though exporting is supported, watchmaker specific features are not a priority (for now).

@Marco_Ferreira sorry, I wasn’t after watchmaker stuff. I was just explaining how my football app worked for watchmaker. If your app had a tasker plugin, I would of designed some football faces that show the live scores for people to use in your app.
Sorry for the confusion.

@Marco_Ferreira thanks for this !
Excellent work :slight_smile:

Can you work in my watch kw88
and how it works


@mohamed_abd_elmonim this is linked to the first community post and in the community description

Would it be possible to adapt this to Android? With the advent of laptop shells, it would be nice to plug your phone into one and design watch faces. I am currently using sentio desktop, but there is also Mira desktop and Leena, as well. They run off of and on top of Lollipop and above. I have some design skills, but, like many of the watch faces, this would be above my skill level. Without being able to look at the coding, I wouldn’t even know where to start. If you were willing to let me try, that’d be on you and completely voluntary. I’m not expecting anything and it’s only an idea. I can’t do anything until I get the charger I order (coming in on Tuesday) and download the proper APIs to let me do so.

I’m still working on saving up for a pre-order on the next round of either the Sentio Superbook($200 for the premium version) or the MiraXess Mirabook($299 for first run). The whole concept is you plug your phone into the laptop shell(has to be USB OTG compatible), it loads the custom destop and then you can use your phone like a laptop. They are still working on Oreo multi-window compatibility, but they currently have a workaround. Basically it allows you to run multiple apps in movable windows. Although it’s designed in Java, I haven’t been able to find a .jar loader to run it on my LG Stylo 4.

I’m finding it difficult to install wfd12.jar I have extracted the files but I don’t know what to do next

@David_J_Kitney do not extract the .jar file. Run it. You need to have Java installed to be able to run it.

@Marco_Ferreira done…thanks!

Hi all! How can I insert an animated gif? When I try at the “gif” icon, the program crashes… or may isn’t the way…