New version of WatchFace Designer is available: version 0.13.0.

New version of WatchFace Designer is available: version 0.13.0.

There’s a lot of new things, so go to the forum post to read more about it. Here’s the link:

Among the new things in WFD is more control over animated layers. To see it working, here’s an example watchface. In it, the background changes every hour, and the seconds hand changes every second to place the highlight in the right spot. The minutes and hours hands use @Andrew_Somers (thanks) technique to place the highlight/darker area at the right spot, using the new Brightness change effect to create those highlights/darker areas. This new animation techniques require Universal Launcher version 2.6.3 or higher, so you’ll need to update it. @Eric_Crochemore has just released it :slight_smile:

Finally, here are the links.
WFD v0.13.0:
This example clockskin:
The WFD project to create it:


Here’s another example of what its possible to do with the controlled animations. No “filter” used :slight_smile:

Clockskin download link:
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Thanks Marco for this great update, i’m sure the talented and creative people around here will do wonderful things with this.

You two guys just earned 2 cute kittens. :wink:
Keep up the good work
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is this feature possible with the new version 13? Or is it experimental? Can you make a youtube video how it works?

@Marco_Riedner everything I wrote is supported in this version. Which feature in particular are you referring to, so I can make the video?

@Marco_Ferreira Thanks for the update. Is there a hint when I use a certain feature that it might only work with Eric’s launcher? Greets

I love the text-watch. Is it possible to get mail with your file . I want to change it to a german version

@Jurgen_Oberst When exporting the clockskin, WFD shows a warning message it it only works correctly with Universal Launcher. If you mean if it warns during the design, then no, but it is a nice feature to add :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira please would be great if u can add. imagine I find something new in wfd get excited working hours on the face then get the message and go crazy because I don’t use universal launcher :wink: Thanks

@Marco_Riedner Each number is an image, so changing it to german will be hard. Of course I didn’t make the 60 images, I’ve created an helper to create the animated layer for me (just as the “Create AnimatedLayer by changing light” feature). But I didn’t think it was ready for general use, that’s why I didn’t ship it. But if you can wait a few days, I’ll polish it and upload an updated version of WFD. In the meanwhile, if you can create images with the numbers, then you can just use those images as frames in the AnimationLayer and set the appropriate frame rate: 1 frame per second for the seconds, 1 frame per minute for the minutes, 1 frame per hour for the hours :slight_smile:

@Jurgen_Oberst I imagine in that case I’d just install Universal Launcher ;-). Ok, I’ll try to add it. I hope the next release will have it :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira cool :sunglasses: thank you would be great. I like my os pure :wink:

Universal Launcher version 2.6.3? Did you mean to say 2.6.1?

@Louis_Peek nope. 2.6.3. It was released simultaneously with WFD :slight_smile:

Excellent, but I am having trouble finding it. Thank you! :smiley:

@Louis_Peek The apk is on the forum. At least to me, it’s also available on the Play Store (but I know Google has rolling releases so it may not be available to everyone at the same time)

GOT IT! Thank you very much for your hard work

Made my first watchface using the new lightning option.
Took some time to understand all the setting but got that now.

Found a little bug but i think thats mayby a launcher issue.
(posted it in your forumtopic)
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This is just gorgeous.
Thanks @Marco_Ferreira