New version of Universal Launcher is now available for beta testers !

New version of Universal Launcher is now available for beta testers !

Oooohhhhh I wanna try this!! Thanks much for the hard work

It works very well the widget, I like, about the weather I only saw a few countries “mine is PERU appears Peru,BO” xD, very good job, I like it. PS: it is true still lacking and is not 100% and if there is possibility of adding icons skin and appearance, 24 and 12h. Like like like like…+

@Eric_Crochemore Im try that well, but no access for this forum. Access have I, but when try this open : login required.

@zsolt_m Hi mate - you just need to create an account for the ProBoard forum under where it says log in. It’s well worth it. It’s all our technical support material

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Hi, I’v account, I see the threads, but not this…
…strange upd. Now good, issue was in my side… :slight_smile:

I just downloaded it from there ?
Have you clicked on the direct link above ?

All work now, I will try this baby. :slight_smile:

@zsolt_m Cool :slight_smile: - I sent you another email by the way :slight_smile:

@Eric_Crochemore i have a problem with this watchface

it starts blinking :frowning: couldn’t post the link on the forum

Yes this happened to me too. Which watch have you got? Does it have hehui in the model details in stettings/about watch ? @Sasa_Petrovic

I also found that after a while the blinking stopped but then it was freezing second hands and was generally slow. @Eric_Crochemore is looking into it now.


What do you think about modify sinwear app to answer the notification directly from the watch?
Are you able to do It?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ no, there is no hehui anywhere in about watch… I also noticed… When watch wakes up after not using it for like an hour, it takes him about 5 to 10 sec to update the time … :frowning:

I like the launcher.
I’m using it on my old X5 before I put it on my new KW88 and am now torn between which one to wear.

@Fabio there’s already apps for that i think, so it’s not planned at all.

@Eric_Crochemore m2d works 1 time every 3…I don’t know other apps

Tested, very good animation by changing the skin but it costs a little when I do, when I return from the rest my Y3 screen takes a few seconds to get at the time, regarding the all other all good.
What does the new button openskinprefs?
Thank you for your work, are magnificent.

Been testing this release for a few days. What I noticed was that it will take about 5-9 seconds to update the actual time once you press the button (KW88). I also had an issue with one watch face (Rolex Who Cares), it would just flash the face and a blank white screen. Would do this for about 30 seconds then say crash. I ended up having to reset watch to default as I couldn’t get the watch to come out of that boot loop. I removed the face in the clockskin folder and rebooted but still no go. I couldn’t uninstall the beta launcher either even though it stated uninstalled. A reset finally did the trick. The beta release also allowed my KW88 to use watch faces with multi dials and hands to work again. Whereas the stock launcher wouldn’t allow those faces to work. While using the beta launcher, I couldn’t see the faces I downloaded via the + sign from the default launcher. Hope this helps. Thanks for your time and creativity. Much appreciated.