New version from GTA V Face ;-)

New version from GTA V Face :wink:

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I’ve created a zip file, but somehow i just can not upload properly . I will still testing .


Can you get to this page?

Yes i can Andrew

Click on “Upload files”… click on your zip file… when it’s uploaded get “Shareable link”…
Can you do that?

I Can open your file an i See jpeg Photo. I have a Google drive Konto and i have copy zip frim PC to my Android Smartphone and I xan not upload the file. I don’t no :grin:

Is your PC connected to the internet?


That link doesn’t work…?

Why copy file from Konto to Smartphone?

Upload the zipped CSM file to your Google Konto… when it is uploaded RIGHT click on the file and get “Shareable link”

Copy shareable link and paste it here…

The New File and many Thanks from Help

Please Testet :slight_smile:

It works… :slight_smile:

You can now edit the original post and add the shareable link… :slight_smile:

Many Many Thanks :grin: from help

I have little Problem with step counter. I Can not reset to 0. Is it so?

My watch no my faces