New Technology Computers - The DM98 , IT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ANYONE

Hello people, does any one know this watch and how to install/add new faces to it ?

I download them from this forum to my pc. I store them in a folder on my pc so I have a permanent copy. Then connect my watch to the pc and transfer them to the clockskin folder on the watch.
The link I found shows the DM98 they list, only has 512MB of Ram and 4G of storage. If so you would need to be cautious about what programs you want to run and your storage is also limited.

I did some further checking and are you sure about the DM98. This was a circa. 2017 watch and is no longer available on any sites that carried it.



Thanks, the clockskin folder does not exist on this watch (DM98) , if i created it and add faces to it , will the watch recognize it and use the watch faces in it or i will be needing to add an app installed for that ?

Yes, with some old watches the clockskin folder has to be added manually. Another app is not required. However, the files must be unzipped before installation.


From what I remember from when we had to add the “clockskin” folder to our 5.1 watches, use all lower case letters.