New setting extracted from ClockConst.smali, "Radius".

New setting extracted from ClockConst.smali, “Radius”.
This value define the radius of the arc_battery function.
Code example:

battery_array.xml 17 650 FFFFFF,FF0000

Please can somebody confirm if it works. Thanks :slight_smile:

Is this ClockConst from new firmware version? In december’s version that property did not exist.

Probably but I don´t know. I have the last firmware 16310. Only worked with the arc_battery. I tried to use it with the arc_steps but it not worked. Here you have a copy of the Clockconst file:

At least there are 2 new settings, radius and textsize.

Thanks, i’ll compare it. “Textsize” already existed but did not know what was doing (maybe used by “arc text” elements)