New replica from weide cant test it on my watch its still dead.

New replica from weide cant test it on my watch its still dead. But i cant let it be to make faces :slight_smile: So please if something is wrong with the face give me feedback. IN THE COMMENTS IS v2 if face from first link doesnt work try second provided in the comments.
Have fun enjoy!


superb,looks great! thnks! the celsius C out of the circle on my Lem5, and also the second digit of the battery off !

@zoltan_racz i will look at this since my watch was 240. i will upload an other version give me some time pls :slight_smile:

@zoltan_racz its off on wich side right or left?

@zoltan_racz try this tell me if its allright since my watch died i am making this faces blind hehe

right , i cant see half of the C and half of the second digit,

@zoltan_racz did u try new version i uploaded?

day numbers are good!

@zoltan_racz Did you try version 2???

works perfectly now! great job! Thank you so much!!!

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add digital time, like…

@julio_cesar_tito_car next time say PLEASE!

link above
missing/deleted image from Google+

Hi Jurgen, me try your weivde2, Temperatur can be more left, and the weather (while it’s night) but still display sun.

@Mauldi_Wirastomo ​​ i will look at this in the evening will give you a link. can you upload a picture to show whats wrong? if not i try it by your directions. Greets! ps id you try v1?

@Jurgen_Oberst attach below the picture…
missing/deleted image from Google+

+Mauldi Wirastomo i will have a lookmat that tonight did you try v1?

Yes… v1 for the temperature is far more right compare to v2, the “C” celcius is out of black circle…
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Mauldi_Wirastomo try this one i dont know about the weather its working on mine it updates weather when u tap face out and back in theres no auto update i ve seen so far:
Show me ho w this one looks if is ok

@Jurgen_Oberst All is perfect, except weather that is not working in mine. Thanks anyway.