New releases for 2023

Hello ,does anybody have any info on any new android 11 watches being released anytime soon im already aware of the lokmat appllp 4 and the lem 16…is there any more due to be released though?

Honestly i would like to see more designs differences, same watch but screen size differences, one with cameras and one without, NFC, different colors. I think android 9 and 10 are as good as 11 and 12, i dont even feel much a difference in the 13, just minor changes. Also and for me most important are ACCESSORIES :blush:


NFC would be good. Are there any current models with NFC?

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yes, i would like a slightly bigger screen

Not as im aware of

There are some models available for the Chinese market with NFC. However, these only work for Chinese bus tickets.
So the answer is no.


I would be interested if there might be a comeback to amoled screens in the future that would be an pro to buy a new one. Cheers


That’s without mention the processors claims to have more cores on some models and less on others, but in the facts run at the same speed when you launch your apps.
At least that’s what I’ve seen on models like LEMFO LEMP versus Optimus 2, Prime 2 lokmat appllp 3, etc. If I didn’t had read the processor specs on each one of those, I’d believe everyone had the same processor.


Im waiting for more square watches options. The PC screen is not round…

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Like Guns N’ Roses said, “I used to love them” ha ha
But I really feel round watches more classical, more masculine…

My madness. I know.


Second thst, this would be great.

Im not sure that the differences between the watches is minor, i have the lokmat 9 A10 and the lokmat 7 A9 which are very different and the lokmat 7 is way better than the lokmat 9 , they have same ram but everything else is different. The 9 has crapy old processor and the 7 doesnt have mtk one. I always compare my watches when i buy a new one and for a week i just wear them both. As a long time smartwatches user i honestly have to say they came a long way, what we have today is way better than what we had back than…the no.1, zgpax, finow…today it is just weird if there is a watch with antennas in the straps. I do want a 6g ram as i use my watch fully almost as my smartphone, i like the always on option which we had on amoled watches and hope this option will be in future watches.


Any opinion on the Microwear W68+? An the NFC?

The Microwear W68+ isn’t a fullandroid watch. And there is still no Fullandroid watch with NFC available- with the exception of some models for the Chinese market, which only work for Chinese bus tickets.


Thanks, I had other watch from Microwear and it was a very good experience

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