New OTA 20190525

Hi all! I just received a new OTA for my lem9, dated 20190525, buildno:Z30-LEM9-V21. However I can’t see any updates or changes? Was hoping for update of the “bracelet mode” or GPS in the fitness.

I just discovered that the “always time” function is back, however very dim.

The GPS in fitness is working progress . Only @pablo11 can give you any idea of a timeframe on this . Thankyou .

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I have asked many times. I’ll keep trying


can i get oldest firmware of lem 9 in which we had the view of barcelet mode like time in ambient mode …
i found it very exciting don’t know why company had removed? its tooo better than native or present on.

Hello this is sriram i have problem with lemfo lem9 that I installed animated clock skin but the watch loading loading black background I can’t move to next face usb transfer also not done please give solution to solve my issue thank you

Hello dear please tel me suggestions boss if it happened to you others laughing means is that ok for you please don’t enjoy with others problem

Hi . I dont fully understand . No-one is laughing at anyone . I appreciate also english is not your first language . If you have installed a clockskin that has messed up your watch the suggestions above work . However if you problem is something different i am happy to help

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After connect to pc the watch shows the options like charging, transfer files, like that also watch doesn’t show because of the animated face streaming loading if know the correct word please tell next I remember to use the word my learning purpose boss please

Hello sir I’m really sorry to say this I bought it just 1week but I like to see the animated clock skin that’s why sir but when I download the faces 8nos all are fine best but the last one more animated and the files also more than 40 to 50 files when I transfer files from pc to clock also take more time even I don’t know the advantage and disadvantages after use all faces working very nice but this final animated start press keep on streaming and I use to go back switch for 3sec it goes to bracelite mode also nicely now also bracelet mode also working very nice right now only issue when I change into smartwatch mode again streaming to open the clock face but it can’t so only issue is how to remove that particular face only without that all works fine

Hi . I dont have this watch . Can you access the settings menu at all . Sorry but i am struggling to understand your english

Please try this:

Switch to smartwatch mode and power off your watch. Then switch it on again.

while the clock is starting you have to swipe quickly from right to left the whole time. There is a short window of time that you have to meet. If you’re lucky, you can switch to the app drawer.

Now you can use the file manager and delete the watchface that is causing your problem.

If it doesn’t work the first time, turn off the watch and try again.


Many times I done sir now plain black screen no swiping not happend sir still streaming face doesn’t move sir

Then you have to flash the firmware to solve your problem.