New lenfo Les 1 problem GPS and multitouch

Hi, well I’m new here I recently buy a Lenfo Les 1 but… I don’t know why the GPS don’t find me and the screen only recognize one finger… I see a lot of videos of people using this model with multitasking… What I am doing wrong? hahaha

Hi to everyone =D

PS. I have this problems with Google maps
And chrome or the default internet app

Can’t help you personally but suggest you watch some of the Video’s by Smartwatch Ticks on YouTube. He has several for this watch. Here is the base Lemfo Les 1 to get you started. He usually covers the GPS function and how to measure its output.

Sept 2, 2017 19:23:44 GMT 1 roarlion said:

this subject was discussed on the les1 forum, try look there for solution. also reset the watch and put your account in it and try again.