New LEMFO S21 at Banggood

Has anybody heard about this watch? I don’t believe it until I’ll had a look at a test.
I think Lemfo won’t sell a good watch for this prize?

It’s a good price for sure, but I think it might be true considering it only has 1GB ram and 8 or 16 GB rom and is using a cheaper and older spreadtrum processor

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Very good Offer!
It seems they collecting orders, and produce it afterward. In my opinion the Watch does not exists in real. A similar Watch exists, but different inside. They have got an Idea and see if People like it.
I don´t like the way of life producing too much waste. I prefer to keep things alive as long as possible. My good old Lem10 works like a charme. Unfotunality the Android System is aging too fast for T1D People like me.
I belive in OpenSource and Community, it is really great to have them (you).
Maybe the S21 is going to be a successor for my Lem10…
Waiting for new things is often very hard.


Now it theems to be a ROGBID S21 (AIR) and not A10 on it. Just 9.1

… and it’s the spreadtrum chipset, I think nobody want’s to deal with.
A copy from a copy from a copy, I hope these small Chinese companies get ruined by themselves.

No - this watch is real.
It is made by the factory that makes the lem14 and the rogbid brave.
It is A9.1 and is a Unisoc solution - same as the LEM P.
In fact this is basically a square version of the LEM P and uses the same board.

The factory makes the watch and then sells in bulk to brands like Kospet, Rogbid and Lemfo.
No one is copying anyone.
This is the way it works in this industry.
One factory is the OEM and then several brands will buy it and slightly customise the appearance and sell it.
Same as the Prime 2 which is now also sold by Lokmat.

Anyway - as a general rule - as a forum we will be “mostly” avoiding these devices because:
a) they are unpopular
b) harder to support / flash firmware
We will not be supporting this model I think.
They are cheap for a reason - although I notice that the prices are going up due to the chip shortages.


Thanks for this information, you’re well informed + thanks to @actrapit for research; now the prize is at 255,57US$ for the 3/32 version - it’s too much;
prize of Lemfo LEM10 is 142,79 for 3/32 version, but you have to be capable to get a Android 10 on it :frowning:
@pablo11 some of us have to use a rectangular watch because they need it it only for two android aps - nothing else, you talked about rectangular watches which might come in autumn - do you have got more information in the meantime?

All I can say is that we are in discussions with the solution provider about A10 for the M6739 LEM10, DM101 and DM100.
But that is all.
Nothing definite yet. :+1: