New LEM14 watch?

I was looking around Ali Express this morning and noticed this watch.

It claims to be a new 2023 watch, but it looks like a LEM14 but details show it having only 3/32 configuration with a 1600 MAH battery.
I don’t see a company mentioned.

Has anyone here on the site bumped into this watch before?

If that camera is 13 megapixel i will eat my whole watch collection . There is nothing new about this watch :+1:


I totaly agree. 13mp is definitely a lie.

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And to clarify the doctor’s statement: He has just rented a larger warehouse for his watch collection.
In order to eat all this, he would be busy for several months. :wink:


So it is just an older LEM14 with doctored specs to make it look more appealing. That would explain the lower price than other 2023 FAW watches.

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I’m jealous. I only have a watch box from Straps co.

I’m just kidding. It’s a few watches, but it definitely doesn’t fill a warehouse. And we also regularly exchange these watches with each other by post.
I currently have a watch on my arm that I received from @dr_andy_vishnu :+1:


Correct. Good to avoid :+1:

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Which one :rofl::rofl:

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The “apple” watch ultra! :joy::joy:

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Ah yes that one :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It’s nothing to do with Lemfo LEM 14.
If anything its like the LEM P

It’s A8.1 and camera is likely 2mp + 5mp in real life.

Regardless of the specs on the webstore:


Feature1:Android 8.1 operating system
Feature2: HD dual camera 3MP + 8MP