NEW I4 FW released This version is also one of the first of the

NEW I4 FW released

This version is also one of the first of the new generation of FW which has the fully updated watch face engine and the Clockskin folder is already on the watch storage - ready for you to just drop your faces in. Once copied to the watch - just reboot and all will be available. There is also a face database refresh option which helps clean out any faulty files. I hope you like it. A lot of work and R&D went into it.

It also has a very early "test"version of the new Bluetooth app which you can install to your phone. It is called WiiWatch. It has great real time steps information and heart rate app. You can trigger the heart rate app remotely from phone to watch. Remote music player works. Remote camera opens your phone camera but does not actually take photos yet. It also currently sends all notifications under your status bar to the watch - yet to be refined.
The best thing about it is that the connection seems rock solid and uses very little power. Eric has had a few issues with his Honor 7 phone but so far that’s it. Supposedly compatible with Android 7 and IOS 7 but we have not been able to test this so feedback is welcome.

If you experience issue - just roll back to the previous version.

Please go to this address to check it out:

cheers. Any news about the i3 firmware btw

I will have it ready tonight hopefully @gil_veber ​…
Which one do you have? 8gb hehui?

hehui v6 it is , i dont know how many gb

@gil_veber so open the file manager on your watch and tell me the numbers on the very first screen :slight_smile:

used 1.02 gb
available 4,59 gb

@gil_veber it is the 8gb version. I will prepare you a custom package. Will take me a while to upload though :slight_smile:

wow thanks bro :,)


Oh man , It s like Christmas but even bettter, thanks so much for your fantastic work.

@gil_veber ha ha :slight_smile: Glad to be able to help :slight_smile: