New I4 AIR - 2nd Battery test w/Eric Launcher Installed

For the best possible comparability between the two tests the only change I made from the earlier test and this one is to install and set up Eric’s Launcher, 2.3.2 version. (The first test is in my first post.)
I will use the Komandirskie Watch-face by Al Rod. The earlier test I used one of the standard watch-faces which is not available with Eric’s launcher.
No other apps were installed and no changes were made to hibernation manager or any other settings.

The apps I have installed are: Hibernation Manager, Watch Droid, Display Brightness; Battery Repair/Calibration apps (I installed and use these apps on my phone first and find they appear to work good); Settings Search; Sound Snip; Speech Memo; and Tippy tipper.
Also installed is a Speedtalk Sim Card, which works through TMobile. All the settings are the same as in previous test.
As before I will wear the watch 24 hours a day and use cellular and BT only when needed. The other times it will be in Airplane mode as in the previous test. With hibernation manager settings used I did average about 1 to 2 notifications a day on the watch.

0910 - 15%  23 Sep on charger. Power Meter Readings - 4.99V, .20A on 2A charger. Case temp 56°F at start.
1150 - 100%  charge complete. Total charge 354mah. Case temp at completion 64°F. Charging characteristics same as Thor and other watches. Charge tapers off about 300mah and with the watch turned “Off” the charging cycle stops when 100% charge is reached.

0800 - 73%  Sep 24 (time on 20h 10m)
1150 - 62%  (time on 24h 0m) 
2130 - 35%  (time on 9 hr 40m - cumulative 33h 40m) 
0800 - 25%  Sep 25 (time on 10h 30m - cumulative 44h 10m) 
1300 - 22%  (time on 5h 0m -cumulative 49h 10m)  
0746 - 0%    (time on 18 46m - cumulative 67h 56m)