NEW I2 FIRMWARE UPDATE. OTA is available for the I2 right now.

OTA is available for the I2 right now. version 20160720
It has been tested and is working well :slight_smile:
BUT - don’t take the OTA if you have the custom recovery installed !!
It will not work.

Hi @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ is there a download link for the new firmware if so it maybe I can’t see it as I am browsing this from my phone?

One other question does the new Finow X1 mean that IQI will still be doing work to allow for custom clock faces on the I2?

it’s an OTA Paul. Just go to settings - about watch and update.
And yes - they are still trying…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Hello, forgive my ignorance.
I have downloaded and installed the 070716 firmware you posted here.
Works well. I can now download the new firmware OTA by my watch?
be convenient for me?
Thank you !

There is an FAQ section - but just go to watch settings - about watch and select update.
It’s that simple…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thank you for answer.
Yes, I know how to do, my question was different.
I have installed the 070716 version.
And this version I have installed by PC and not by OTA
I just wanted to know whether or not to update via OTA.
I would not want my watch after is block.
I apologize for my English, unfortunately I have to use Google Translate.
Thanks for help and thanks for all you do for us.

Latest version is 20160720

  • for I2

I have to apologize … google has mistranslated the numbers . I made ​​new update via OTA , everything is ok . Thanks again! Luigi

After this OTA update, my pedometer no longer works. Is there a fix?