New firmware update!

   The good news is at least Lemfo is supporting this watch and releasing updates for it. The bad news is, this new firmware has some issues on my watch. Here is my experience after using it this morning.

  1. Notifications are no longer centered

  2. Watch is slow!

  3. Universal Launcher app icons are too small and I cannot enlarge them, even if I over ride the DPI settings.

  4. Background cleaner still does not work. It will not let the watch connect to the phone if you are using Watch Droid Assistant.

  5. The New 3rd party application settings makes the applications text and buttons too tiny, even if I wear reading glasses.

  6. Some of my watch faces now show up distorted

  I cannot recommend anybody upgrade, and I am going to reset my watch AGAIN as soon as I can and put the last firmware from December on it. Has anybody else upgraded and what are your experiences with it?

A quick update! Removing and reinstalling the Universal launcher resolved the size problem with the icons, and the centering one. Will see this weekend if I can fix the other problems. I really do NOT want to start over with this thing again!! lol

I have been running the 15 Jan 2019 update since it came out, no issues at all.

I think that your comment about testing is very unfair and they deserve an apology

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Yes, maybe my comment was a little bit harsh. But, if there is a problem, we all need to post it on this forum. They have a task manager that they added to the previous firmware that kept a few of us from getting the watch connected to our phones. The solution was posted by a few, including me, and it helped some get back up and running. It has not been fixed on this recent update. I do not know if you have been to Lemfo’s webpage, but they offer very little support to end users. All of your support for these devices is here on this forum, and I am very thankful for that! From what I have read, there is another update coming soon, so we will see what that will bring!

Reinstalling the Universal Launcher appears to have resolved the problem I was having with centering, icon size, and the distorted watch faces. All you have to do to uninstall it is temporarily make the built in launcher your default, then uninstall it. After that, just reinstall Universal Launcher from the Playstore and hopefully all will be good! The watch is still a little slow and I am having some problems with the face coming on when turning my wrist.

can you confirm if the new update has officially made the sim card work? I KNOW that the sim card issue has to do with the imei ON ALL LEMFO LEMX WATCHES…just curious to see if u had the and if it takes care of that issue

I currently have the firmware dated May 22, 2019, is there a newer version of the firmware?

I don’t think so.
You would get an update warning on the watch that an update is available.

The other thing is that this model is no longer in production and any stock available will be run out stock