New firmware OTA

Hi, yes I did, but as I’m brand new to this watch the following passage scared me:

Important note - you need to be on stock version 1.4, 1.7, 1.8 or 2.0 to use this file

Testing on v2.0 shows that you may end up in the stock recovery - don’t panic :sweat_smile:
You use the bottom watch button and select “factory reset” followed by press top watch button to confirm your selection. You will be asked again to confirm and then wait for the process to complete.

This only happens if you have v2.0 on your Prime 2 when you purchased it.

If you have recently taken the v2.1 update this firmware may not work and can cause boot-loops.

This is frustrating and I recommend you flash back to stock v1.4 and start again.
If you test it and end up in the stock recovery screen - you can factory reset from there and should be fine.

How can I figure out which stock OTA version I have? If I just updated yesterday does that mean I’m on 2.1?

Will the FAW style firmware mentioned in that thread eventually come out as an OTA?

Did you read the last few posts in that thread?
The user says that he had no problems uploading even though he was on v2.1

Make sure you factory reset after

It depends on how people think about it here.
If it is widely accepted and popular then it is supposed to be coming by OTA from Wiitee.

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@pablo11 hi again, I watched the video posted by Mr Ticks and it seemed like the Google apps were all still in square screen mode. Given that I’m not very confident with flashing and I’ve spent considerable time on setting the watch up with the current OTA, I’m not too keen on experimenting with this version (which involves a factory reset) to gain maybe an improvement in the full/round screen capability of some apps. I can deal with Google settings being in square mode, but Maps, Gmail, Messages, Calendar and Chrome all being forced into square mode is a pain. Do you know a) which, if any, of these apps will be able to be put into circle screen mode with this new FAW style firmware, and b) approximately how far away we are from the next OTA update? Thanks!

With the FAW international firmware it is only the settings that is forced into square mode

Disabling the ability to toggle the round / square screen mode in applications such as Phone / Contacts / Messages / Maps / Gmail etc. is the worst idea someone could think of. Why do I need a 2.1 inch screen if the applications are displayed like on a 1.5 inch screen? Maybe someone will think of moving the application windows up and down so that, if necessary, you can access the corners of the windows where there are often some buttons. If this is not feasible, please restore the ability to switch round / square screen modes as it worked in previous firmware versions.


That’s very odd.
It works fine for me.
I just long press the power button and change the screen to round mode and then short press the bottom button to take me back to the app I am using…

Are you saying that this is broken?

I mean what you can see in the pictures. Changing Circle / Square has no effect.

This is a new device that I picked up yesterday from the courier :slight_smile:

This is normal . Its a shame you dont like it as i think its a huge help on the P2 .

Why would someone put the Circle / Square option in if it doesn’t work? I did not buy a Kospet Prime 2 with a 2.1 inch screen to exercise my arm muscles, but to see more and more clearly. The inability to change the screen aspect ratio means that the Kospet Prime 2 has a 1.5 inch screen.

It does work . Just not all apps . The ones you are complaining about it was agreed this was the best option ( and i agree ) . If you install other apps you can go full screen but obviously you cannot touch the corners as they are cut off

I know it works in a variety of applications. However, this does not work in the basic applications that I have used every day so far. Phone / Contacts / Messages / Maps / Play Store have become of little use to me and I have to replace them with other ones that allow me to change the aspect ratio of the screen. Unfortunately, the Play Store cannot be replaced with anything.

If you don’t like it that way, you can either go back to v1.4 or you can try the FAW international firmware:

It was just using the Circle / Square switch that I was accessing the corners of the application when needed.

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So far, a moment ago, I have returned to version 1.4, but I will definitely test FAW International Firmware.


I agree with @pokahontas, why insert the function that allows the transition from circular to square if many stock apps cannot benefit from it? I also would have kept my lemfo 14 instead of switching to a prime 2 with a 2.1 inch screen reduced to 1.5. it would have been better to let each individual decide when to use the square / round function

While I see the point, some of us do get sick of switching between square/round for each and every app switch, so at least for the settings pages, I agree with the fixed square format.

I guess the optimal solution would be an app or settings, which can store and set the preferred format automatically for each app, just as the nice rotation app, which can automatically rotate apps depending on preset preferences.

I also agree, all of the google apps (playstore and settings etc) i always had to change the view to square to use them anyway so now its just easier

I would however agree that it would be good to be able to select either scale for each app so as not to be forced as everybody uses the apps different

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That’s why I regret for prime 2 purchase lol