New! Circle Launcher for SmartWatch.....Round-shaped launcher

I am a fan of Full Android Watch.
I’ve been studying coding for the past few months. In the process, I made a launcher that is easy to use for a circular-shaped watch. Today, the beta track is finally registered and anyone can download it through the link below. If you have time, give it a try and ask for advice. Thank you.



Interesting launcher. Glad to have a new player around.
That makes you the third possible round launcher. :smile:


Whaat? Not the 1st???:wink: Whatever, welcome on board!

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Can’t found it,on play store, with my Kospet Prime (1st) ?

Because this app is under Beta tracks, you havo to use webBrowser and write the address on address field.
PlayStore: [
My site: (I made the link_button for watch’s tiny browser)

Thanks for your reply.

Very fun!! Thanks for your efforts.
LEM12Pro_ScreenShot_20210610_1 copy