New Challenge for watch face creators

Well, I’m not sure this kinda post is allowed. Anyways you have a frame here, which I created. All you have to do it arrange the useful element of the watch like time, batt, date etc. Each creator has their own design language. Make it hybrid or digital or if you have some crazy new idea …yes please so it.
Here are links for the SVG file and Img file. you may also edit the frame by converting the SVG to whatever format that supports the design platform you’d love to use, like .eps .



Frame image :

Yandex link:

Svg : svg

Image file: img file

Alternate face :

Well, I saw that I modified the face and used it and not let you use it. If you have started with the old face no problem. This face has an increased screen real estate getting rid of some excess bezel and some screen markings added. (screen area is transparent)
host: imgur

download :


Why wouldn’t it be allowed? This is cool. I’m on it! :smiley:
Can we make it for use in UL only?
Also, can you allow link access for every one other than us requesting permission as it stands now?

I’m too lazy to do it.


Shit drive is crazy maaan! I’ll Post a yandex link soon

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How did I know that YOU would want a crack at it! let that imagination and inventiveness out Louis…and go crazy with them mate! :crazy_face: Looking forward to seeing your take on it! Cheers, Doons
P.S. Fell free to use the pic of whats left of my car if you like! :rofl:

Great idea Ashik! :+1: With the design talent we have on the Forum, you are going to get some very cool looking faces indeed! Cheers, Doons

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Jonathon - Here’s my crack at it. I don’t know about SVG… Face uses @vladimir_lutzu hands and my battery gauge as a “shrinking red line” at the 200 mark: I forgot to mention, the photos are of my family and rotate through the "circular opening"

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Oh well…


It shouldn’t be “edit” it should be “any one with link can download”…

…nevermind. LOL!

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OK… I’m done.

What do I win?



You won my wrath


wow good try. Let’s what else people got

LOL! Good times here!:yum:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: Louis, my friend…I know exactly how your watch face feels mate!! :woozy_face::partying_face::woozy_face::rofl: Cheers Doons

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@Ashik_Jonathan I’d love to make something with this, but I can’t do anything until at least Thursday. Still waiting on the new :desktop_computer:

Not going to close. Not a competition so. I need everyone to take more time. Immediate submission means not so very nice designs

Here’s me friggin Clock skin concept

still working on it. should I release ? there may be errors.



Jonathon, you are in a class by yourself!

Freakin’ AWESOME! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: