New CF APK for our KW88.

New CF APK for our KW88.
Originally made and designed by @Majed_Zghayer1 for D5,X1,X3,X5
Adjusted it to work on kw88 .
Only the three hands as usual and I can’t get the background right as scanned by the radar in the original.


Download link :

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@Martin_Nijhuis Does the radar sweep or just the line of the second hand? Any photoshop I can help you with?
Do you need the second hand transparant sweep quarter?

@Kenneth_Tan the line… Can’t be more simple :slight_smile: but it’s all we have right now to have more cf

Thank you but it’s not a matter of photoshop … I got it from majed and used it the way we only can at this moment… Only decompile copy /paste and compile again,like we do these days :wink: till there’s a better way.

Nice and clear :ok_hand: