New battery for kospet prime 2

hallo guys,im one of the unluky guys that have buy a prime 2 with the problem of the recharge,i want to know if is possible to buy a new one like spareparts,or a used one if sombody have other problem,i have open the watch and is very easy to replace,

Unfortunately, replacing the battery will not solve your problem. I’ve already tried it. I am sorry that I have no good news for you.

How old is your watch? Maybe you can send it back.

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I have already have the refound,but i like to play with toys,i have find a way to let it works but after some months the battery is dead,thats why i want a new one to try in another way.thanks

I’m sure Kospet wont be keen to help you with a battery after you have been refunded


hi,i’ve bought a demaged watch (but pay an worked one)and i have find a solution to fix the problem but after some months is dead definetely,and after some time i’ve bught a new request is only because i’m very enthusiastic and i would like to relive it
if somebody can help me to find a new battery i will be very happy.(i have a new idea how to recharge the battery)