Needed some info/ help

I have a generic dm100 smartwatch and i installed smart launcher 5 (not sure if its the best for free) but i got tired of the dull look my problem is I dont get the notifications like with the generic for example when at work i connect to wifi then i get a notification to open so i can accept the agreement, then im connected but now with smart launcher i cant swipe right for notifications and also i cant swipe down for the airplane,wifi,bluetooth toggle any more and even the clean up botton. i downloaded recent notification app but it doesn’t notify me. for now i have to switch to the original launcher to get the notify to connect. i wanna get all free apps but if u suggests something that will work to make the watch better i will purchase. thanks in advance

I have the Windows 10 Launcher… if you slide your finger from the top of the screen down it has a similar layout to a standard phone ie phone information and latest messages etc.

You could also try “Missed Call Reminder & Text (SMS) Notification” App… it initially worked well for me but for some reason stopped working as of late.

Also when I was using Nova Launcher I also had the App “Recent Notification” installed… I used the swipe left to have that app appear all the time.

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i did try window 10 launcher at first and i didnt really give it a fair chance to be honest cause i was really wanting the widget like interface i seen on the ticwris but now that i played with the watch more and read ppl post i will give it another chance and try out a few others like nova and see what gives me a warm tingly feeling lol…Can u have multiple launchers installed to try and delete if u prefer the other?