Need some "search" help.

Need some “search” help.

I’ve ordered some of these types of magnetic MICRO usb charge cables. Just to test if and how good they work on my devices.
Could be a good solution for the IQI I2 dock, where you need to install the watch first before you plug in the power, because there is the risk that you blow up the watch. (IQI warning!)

But now I would like to have this system too on my Canon DSLR camera, but that has a MINI usb connector.
I can’t find a magnetic cable with MINI USB.
Any of you know of these existing?

Reason for me wanting one is that I’ve already broke one of my camera’s while wearing it and copying images of it while walking.
The usb connector is surface mounted and breaks of the PCB very easily


Mini or Micro ?

No, I tried but I think there not have in Mini, only in Micro. But if I find one, I put the link here.