Need help with Dexcom G6 App and Bluetooth

I have both the Kospet Prime 2 and the TicWris Max S. I installed the custom Dexcom G6 android app which bypasses the compatibility issue. The app runs fine and will eventually pair with the Transmitter through bluetooth. The issue is with both watches, the Glucose Value will appear while the app is running but as soon as I close the app it loses contact with the transmitter. The app needs to stay running in the background but it appears it does not. I have given the app every permission imaginable with no luck. The G6 app has three or four services that run in the background when the app is started but I can’t find them listed to give them special permissions. I’ve used the app on my Samsung Note 10 but am trying to get away from carrying my phone around or reaching for it every time I need to see my blood sugar readings. I’m hoping someone out there knows my situation and can provide some help. It could also be a bluetooth issue but at the moment it is the only item paired. My Note 10 is android 10 just like the Kospet Prime 2 and works with no problem. Any suggestions is appreciated.

In both android 10 and android 7.1.1 watches you can turn any app off in battery saver . This allows apps not to sleep and run in the background . Also under " special permissions " in settings you can see " sensors " .

Look under " optimization " in settings for battery saver and check the app :+1:

On Prime2, also goto settings- apps and notifications- special app access- unrestricted data access. Enable the g6-app here.

I don’t know this app, but if it’s able to create- for example- a push notification per hour, you can run it on the phone and get the notification by using watchdroid.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve done all of the above for the G6 app. I believe it connects with the transmitter every 5 minutes. The transmitter is on my upper arm, so only about 20 inches from the watch. So it would appear to be a bluetooth issue. I need it to stay connected to the bluetooth continuously or reconnect when it makes a request. If I keep the app open long enough it will pick up the signal. But once the app closes (it still runs in the background) it loses BT and then won’t reconnect unless you leave the app open long enough to hook back up to BT. Is there a way to keep the BT locked on with the app running in the background. Like I mentioned, it works great on a regular android phone. Frustrating because I hate carrying my phone around the house or having to pick it up to see my glucose readings. I am pretty tech savvy, so if there is a backdoor method, I don’t mind experimenting.