Need DM100/LEMFO T parts! Damaged charging port

I have the DM100 Smart Watch and I love it, especially after loading NOVA launcher prime. I damaged the charging port on the rear of the watch on accident. So I was wondering if anyone in this community has one with a broken screen or a parts watch that I could purchase, or know where I could get parts, specifically the watch body. I’ve already disassembled and reassembled the watch, so I know it would not be hard to change the watch body (the part the straps connect to.) Thanks in advance.

You can buy from

do you have a link to where? all I can find is new watches. No parts.

still in need of some parts for my watch!!!

It may be worth contacting Lemfo at their Aliexpress store and explain that Banggood has not replied to your messages - assuming you purchased from Banggood?
The usual process is to go to the vendor you purchased from.
Then if that fails you can try contacting the official store…

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