Need big help from all the super heroes here

Hi Heroes,
I wanted to create watch skins for my DM368 using Android Phone since I don’t have any laptop or PC. So IAM using application call watchmaker. I manage to create skin and able to extract from folder call export which insides the watchmaker folder. Now the tricky part is I not sure how to make this extractor folder work in my watch because once I transfer to my watch and it’s not detect the skin. Hope anyone can help me on this…

Just put your .watch file in the clockskin folder of the watch.

@Eric_Crochemore need to change the file name? Or just copy and paste it at clockskin folder

IAM using ur universal launcher but still the watchmaker file detect.

@Shaeshi_Vampiro if you have Universal Launcher(which is needed to run .watch files), download Clockskin Transfer from the Play Store on your watch. It’s made by @Marco_Ferreira. You just open the app on your watch and go to the site that is displayed. It’s interface is really easy to work with and web based. You don’t even need to extract zipped files. If you still need help, Marco also posted a video on YouTube teaching how to use it. It’s not very complicated, so it’s not a very long video. I hope this helps.

@Nicholas_Herczeg thanks alot for ur advise but when I transfer the .watch file using @Marco_Ferreira clockskin transfer apk but it’s shows invalid file. Any help?

@Shaeshi_Vampiro The only thing I can think of is that there is some incompatibility between the files and you particular watch. I have several .watch faces on my Lem5, and they seem to work fine(:apple: Mickey and swatch evil clown, as well as some from The Guru), but they are simple faces without active complications(that launch apps) or multiple layers. I also have more experience with Facer, which is web based and usually requires a PC or Mac to design faces, although it’s not OS or browser restricted. If all else fails, you can get an RCA Cambio 2-in-1 laptop/tablet for around $150-$250 depending on if you get the 10 or 12 inch model. Not very powerful, but it’ll easily run clockskin maker(CSM) or Watchface Designer. There are also some really awesome budget laptops for around $350. Not exactly chump change, but if you consider that a decade or so ago, budget computers are in the $1k range, that’s not bad. I’m not saying that you have to, but it’ll definitely help. And open up more design avenues. I have the 12in Cambio and run the software off of a 32gb USB stick and it works fine. It lags from time to time because it only has 2gb of ram and 64gb internal storage, but it’s better than nothing, at least for me.

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Dude… thanks alot… I manage to transfer .watch file to my watch… thanks alot once again for ur kind help