n my X5 watch,

n my X5 watch, factory default firmware was woking well apart than download additional watchface. so i updated a firmware to 20160524, at this stage i was able to download watch faces but it stop to let register my sim with the network in both modes manual and auto mode. i also notice IMEI shows as unknown

After struggling a lot finally when i download/upgrade a Stock Firmware 20160314, now i am at a stage where my sim can get connected to network means i have signals to make or receive a call but again unable to download watch faces and also google play is not available. in this version i can see IMEI number.

any solution with firmware 20160524 please!!!

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 This was posted over on YouTube and I referred him to here, 'cause it’s over my head for my simple YouTube channel. Any idea how to help @SURINDER_SINGH_Chauh ?

What process did you use to restore your IMEI number? Just curious because:
I would re-flash the 24 May firmware but you need to be sure that you can restore your IMEI if it goes missing.

Unfortunately due to legal reasons I have had to remove the previous post.

this is a bit funny but read it carefully please -
after download firmware 20160524 and redownload a Stock Firmware 20160314, at this stage automatically IMEI got restored automatically. i have no idea how this things work but it worked well. then again i choosed download firmware 20160524 but only and only i ticked on android. at this stage i am able to download new watch skins and also can connect to GSM network (vodafone or any).

but if i tried to restore in watch than after my watch works well apart than get connect to GSM. so what i do i again choose the Stock Firmware 20160314 and only and only tick “USRDATA” and after watch works well :D.

but restoring is always problem here. so after restore i have to repeat the process.

if any stage you guys get stuck and watch shows usb support error. open the watch and if unable to remove the battery than pick a small flat tip screwdriver and short circuit the battery connector only for the fraction of the seconds. and watch ready to work or ready to get deduct again.:smiley:

i choseed to take a risk and worked but guys make your own mind before taking any further step. i am still waiting if any one could help me yo sort out the problem in genuine rather than i have to choose this repeated steps.

i am still waiting for to get a solution in relation to my very first comment.

Thanks & regards

It is all because of the options you select when you use SP Tools. If you select format all and upgrade you will lose your IMEI and possibly your mac address as well.
To make sure this doesn’t happen you select download only in SP Tools before you flash.
I would also recommend that you take a full backup of your watch before you start changing anything.

yes i saved the full back using TWRP.

Thank you.

Well that’s good news !!
It basically means that no matter which firmware you flash - as long as you also flash TWRP you will be able to restore your nvram which is where IMEI data is :slight_smile: