my watch is not making or receiving a call,

my watch is not making or receiving a call, signals are showing up fine and sim is also working ok on other phones

software is fully updated

do anyone know how to resolve that problem ?

you can see in pics, signals are showing up fine but when i make call this error comes in which is in 2nd pic.

@Rahool_Tariq , mark on the phone and see if it informs the IMEI number

Shows this

But does not reveal the number, just say it reports the number with 15 digits.

Yea does not show any number

@Rahool_Tariq , Okay, that’s the problem, probably the update deleted the IMEI. Now there is only one of two solutions, you have some old phone that does not use so you can use the IMEI of that phone?

Or if you know the old IMEI even better. :wink:

Yes i have one such phone, how can i use its imei?

@Rahool_Tariq , Yes you can. I’ll send you a link how to restore the IMEI, but you’ll have to make flash the phone with a ROOT ROM so you can restore.

Link to restore:

To Rooting the PROPER WAY:

If you have any further questions ask and we help

@Rahool_Tariq , to view the IMEI on the phone you must remove the battery on the phone and see the IMEI on the label, or *#06# (if turn on of course)

I wonder if this only work with MTK devices…?

@Sergio_Guerreiro , from what I can make, only make with MTK devices, but I’ve seen somewhere who has done it on other hardware. It is a matter of searching. Google is our friend.

Try this

thanks everyone, this was a huge help

specially @Sergio_Paulo1

i will try my best to resolve this

I had the same problem with my D5 and after 4 times of factory reset the problem solved.

Four times…I downloaded a SN_writer tool,I use it to write the IMEI.
If you want a easier way.I’ll add a link.

Happened with me too. I was so pissed.

Rooted the device and changed the imei to a different one from old device

@Will_Smith yea plz add a link

We can’t have illegal tools posted on this forum. These tools are illegal in most countries - that’s why the SN_Writer is not linked. If it is it will be removed.
You can use the MTK engineering mode shortcut from the play store to get to the menu and you need the sim card in the watch.
I am surprised you have not found what you need on the Web. It takes a couple of minutes to find it.
Anyway - do not post links to any IMEI changers please. Thanks