My watch home screen relanches itself

I have recently observed in my watch that sometimes when i swipe back to homescreen (watchface), it relaunches itself as if rebooted or sometimes just becomes an empty screen which i have to restore by pushing power button. Same behaviour also observed with app launcher screen.
Whether this is due to some settings change or some other software issue. Any help??

Is it on Kospet Prime or Kospet Prime 2 ?
Which firmware version, and which launcher ?

It is kospet prime. latest firmare 2.6 and stock launcher.

I hope someone has more ideas, I can only think of perhaps you could have limited the battery or background permission for the standard launcher, but I don’t even know if that is possible. I just checked in the Optimizer app, and there the launcher isn’t mentioned…

I had the same issue before after installing a clockskin . I factory reset and the issue disappeared