My version of the TW Steel CS14.

My version of the TW Steel CS14.
The colour looks a bit of, but that’s only in the picture.
Added an extra ‘WEEKDAY’.
Small hands used for ‘power’ and ‘month’.


very good job … I do not know if it’s asking a lot…aver if you can do the tw steel of valentino rosi … since I do not do it.Thank you

@Joanet_07 I can take a look at it next week.
Should be too difficult to do.

Thank you for your attention👌

For your information this WF as the same backwards reading power meter as the Seiko Macchina.

Power meter fixed

Works like a charm. Thanks

hello friend !! you’ve had time to try to make the tw stell by valentino rossi … thanks for trying !!!

@Joanet_07 Here you go!

thank you !!! you are a machine !!! very good job !!:ok_hand:

Link updated!