My version of the famous time clock from Back To The Future! 'Destination Time'

My version of the famous time clock from Back To The Future!

‘Destination Time’ en ‘Last Time Departed’ are fixed on the actual dates in the movie.

‘Present Time’ contains month / day / year / hour / minute.
AM/PM light is working too.

On top there’s a power indicator in Gigawatts :wink:
And last but not least a stepcounter at the bottom.



Have Fun!




My watch was set on 24h so it shows 14:50.
After i switched to 12h it said 02:50

thank you :slight_smile:

Cool :slight_smile: is the stepcounter fake? Or does it work? Mine shows 4446 and does not add steps if walking. Face looks awesome on my watch thank you!

@Jurgen_Oberst Stepcounter should work.
Works on my KW88.

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Looks good.
A couple of small errors in the XML. The watch ignores them but you can see them in CSM.
digital10.xml and digital11.xml are missing the last (pm) picture.
But since you’re just using them to blink the colon, just leave out both am/pm images. i.e. valid to have none or both am/pm images but not just 1. Also you could combine these to into 1 array.

The alignment is a bit out for digital8.xml and digital9.xml. You’ve adjusted for the real watch so it looks OK. but CSM renders it differently.
If you want CSM to match (makes designing much easier) then make all images in the array the same width (and height).
Change the blank images from 1 pixel wide to 18 pixels to match the colon image. Then change the offset of the array from 45 to 31
Actually digital10 and 11 have a similar issue, make the blank images 8x8 to fix.

One more thing, you can make just 1 blank image and reference it multiple times in the array, saves you having 10 copies of the same image.

Great design, though :). really suits the watch

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@Andrew_Somers I will take a look at it.
I used WatchfaceDesigner for the whole proces and that generates the XML, so i have not much influence on that.
Mayby i can do some fine-tuning that creates better XML.

I’ll also have to check on that… In the near future.


not working with last firmware…

On kw88 not working… please fix…

Do you have Eric’s Launcher installed?
It works fine on my KW88 with the latest version of Eric’s Launcher.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp no laucher I prefer the original, no way to fix it ?

@Gnokketto74 If it doesn’t work on the stock launcher i have no idea.

No fuciona y lo probe en varios relojes…al principio funciono…y al dia siguiente ya no…le importaria mirar que le pasa o si tiene q volver a crearlo??le agredeceria q me lo enviara a mi…gracias

Could someone re upload this please

This is a english speaking forum only . Thankyou

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Good evening, the download link does not work, can you repost one that works? thanks friend…


Download doesn’t exist anymore, could you fix it please?

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Good day, anyone have this clock face saved on his computer still ? All links are down it’s such a beautiful one!