My terrible mistake about my KC10 watch!

I have a Kingwear KC10 and several days ago I was setting up Google Assistant on my watch. I instructed Google to lock my watch and it messaged me that I could go to the phone’s security options. By selecting it, I entered the security options of my watch. This menu was not normally available from within the clock.Then I saw an option at the top of the page to set a security pattern, and since I decided to change the previous pattern I had set on the phone, I defined a new pattern there.As soon as I defined it, I realized that this is a security pattern other than the first one. Interestingly, at the time of defining this pattern, the nine dots were very small and close together on the left side of the screen.As soon as I left the screen and came to the lock screen, I noticed that another pattern in addition to the first pattern appears when the watch face is turned on.Of course, this pattern appeared very neatly in the middle of the page.Then I went back to the Security Options menu to remove the pattern and was surprised to find that the pattern dots were displayed at a much greater distance at the bottom of the page.

The bottom 3 dots of the pattern were left out of the screen and could not be seen.This was while I could no longer re-click and disable the pattern I had drawn. Of course, from within the settings I could delay it for 30 minutes.Then I started trying to solve this problem and it was here that I made the second mistake, which was much bigger.I went to the hidden developer settings menu and tried to configure the DPI settings of my display from “Small Width” option. But instead of making the original number, which was 400, a little bigger to make the page a little more compact, and I could hit that pattern, I entered the number 300, which is smaller. And it was a mistake that the number 320 was chosen as the DPI by the clock system, and I lost access to the bottom of the screen altogether, so I lost the “CONFIRM” option at the bottom of the screen to change this number again.

You’ll have to flash the firmware to fix it.

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Now I can neither change the DPI of the screen nor reset the phone because the confirmation option is not displayed on the screen again and is off-screen. Tried using a bluetooth mouse to reached that part of the page but it didn’t work.It is not possible to use other options for this reason. Thanks for guiding me.

Can you show me the last update for my firmware that I can use it now, please? Thanks.